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Retirement Planning Has Changed

With longer life expectancies, retirement has changed. It’s longer than ever before, but will your money last that long?

Your nest egg needed to live comfortably in retirement depends on how you envision it. For many of us, it may bring up feelings of freedom or reward after all that hard work. It may include the desire for more flexibility or spontaneity. For some, it may allow for more philanthropic giving.

No matter how you imagine your retirement, a successful one is the result of proper planning today.

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Why Hire a Retirement Planning Financial Advisor?

Retirement planning involves a lot of assumptions and projected calculations – not just on your portfolio returns, but about future tax rates, inflation, and the uncertainty of social security. It includes longevity estimates, spending pattern behaviors, cost of living, housing, medical and healthcare expenses, and more. It can feel overwhelming to say the least and this is where we’re happy to step in and help.

Midland Wealth Management is proud to offer retirement planning services so you can bring your vision into focus and ensure you’re able to celebrate and enjoy come that retirement party.

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Benefits of Planning for Retirement

Working with us to secure your retirement plan offers plenty of perks. You’ll have access to a suite of financial solutions, not just traditional retirement products:

  • Investment portfolio management: Saving and investing are essential to reaching your retirement goals. Most financial planners will tell you that a diverse investment portfolio is key to securing your finances in the long term. By helping you create and manage your portfolio, we'll keep your assets safe.
  • Plans for expected and unexpected expenses: With rising costs of healthcare and long-term care, some expenses are to be expected. Medical bills and other large but unexpected costs can still pop up when you're retired. We take that into account and make sure that even the most unlikely events won't throw you for a loop.
  • Insurance advice: Life insurance plays an essential role in maintaining your financial security throughout retirement. Once we understand your profile and financial wishes, we can help you find the right insurance for your needs.
  • Estate distribution: Your estate includes everything you own. When the time comes to distribute it, you want to ensure it's done with your wishes in mind. We'll make sure things go to plan if you're unable to do so yourself.


Retirement planning involves determining your financial goals for the future and creating a plan to meet them by the time you reach retirement age. It incorporates many calculations, estimates, and assumptions, but ultimately means managing income and assets with enough savings and investments to live comfortably during your golden years.

The answer is now! You can start planning for retirement at any age or stage of life. The sooner, the better, so that compounding and time can begin working for you.

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Why Midland Wealth Management?

Our experienced wealth managers know what it takes to put people and businesses alike on the road to financial freedom. When you're ready to explore retirement planning, we'll be here to help you weigh your options and find comprehensive solutions that fit your needs.

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