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Commercial Lending

Propel your business forward with a secured line of credit from Midland States Bank.

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Flexible, Revolving Funds That Grow With You

A line of credit let's you access a defined amount of money as needed and repay back what you use with interest either immediately or over a set period of time. Unlike a loan where you have a one-time lump sum of credit, a line of credit gives you access to funds up to a certain amount - similar to a credit card.

Commercial Lines of Credit Details

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Loan Amounts

$25,000 & Up

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Loan Terms

12 Months

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Interest Rate

As Low as 6%*

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Only Pay for What You Borrow with a Line of Credit

With a business line of credit, you'll gain access to a credit limit you can spend against. Where loan interest accrues on the total amount you borrow, your line of credit will only accrue interest on what you spend. A business line of credit opens opportunities for your company to cover short-term expenses. Many companies use their lines of credit to cover payroll, restock their inventory, initiate growth strategies or pay bills during the offseason.

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Partnering with Midland States Bank

When you borrow with Midland States Bank, you join our financial family. We're here to help your business achieve its goals through competitive line of credit options and numerous perks, including:

  • Competitive interest rates and fees.
  • Online and mobile banking.
  • Financial guidance from friendly representatives with experience in your industry.

Looking for a line of credit that’s less than $250,000?

A secured small business line of credit may be right for you.

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About Midland States Bank

Midland States Bank provides borrowing options for businesses of all sizes in Illinois and Missouri and beyond. Our financial consultants have experience in numerous industries and can help you determine if a line of credit is right for you. You can count on us for world-class financial services and a competitive line of credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are more than a few ways your business can benefit from taking out a line of credit. For one, a line of credit equates to quick access to funding. We deliver credit decisions fast so that you can gain capital for short-term expenses right away. Use as much of your credit allowance as you need and benefit from interest-only payments during your first 12 months.

Beyond providing financial freedom with a competitive interest rate, a line of credit will prepare your business for its future. Our line of credit options give you a way to enhance your company's credit score, which will come in handy the next time you need a loan. Build your credit now to qualify for a larger loan when the time comes to expand your business.

Interest rates vary for every borrower. We establish interest rates according to the Wall Street Journal prime rate and scale them with your risk level. 

An annual documentation fee and line usage fee may apply.

You may qualify for a larger line of credit through consistent payments at your current level.

For a traditional business line of credit, monthly interest-only payments are required. Subject to final terms of the loan agreement.

We offer mobile, online and in-person payment options. You can set up automatic payments through our online and mobile banking services.

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Not sure where to start? We can help.

We're here to help online or in-person. Fill out the form below and a Midland States Bank representative will reach out to you shortly to better understand your company’s needs and find a personalized financing solution for you.


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