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Commercial Lending

Commercial real estate loans can fund your next expansion or renovation project.

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Financing for Commercial Properties

Imagine what your company could do with a new workspace. Whether it's small renovations, a new office that better suits your needs or a second branch in a new town, commercial real estate empowers your business. 

Commercial Real Estate Loan Details

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Loan Amounts

$25,000 & Up

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Loan Terms

Up to 5 Years

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Interest Rate

As Low as 5.5%*

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Access Capital to Buy or Renovate Property

A commercial real estate loan can be used to purchase or renovate commercial property. You can request an initial draw period to use the money as you need it. During the draw period monthly interest-only payments will be required. At the end of the initial draw period (as defined by your loan agreement) the loan balance will be amortized over the agreed upon term. If the loan term is shorter than the amortization period, the loan may be subject to a balloon payment or a potential refinance opportunity. The agreed upon amortization term establishes the required monthly principal and interest payments. The balloon payment will be the remaining principal balance and accrued interest at the end of the loan term.

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Real Estate Loan Terms

We offer balloon terms as long as 60 months. When you reach your balloon term date, it's time to extend, refinance or repay your remaining balance.

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Borrow with Midland States Bank

We establish ourselves as the best lender for your business by offering:

  • Rapid approval for fast access to funding.
  • Competitive interest rates for cost-effective borrowing.
  • Personalized guidance from local financial experts.
  • Hassle-free automatic payments.

Commercial Construction Loans

  • Interest-only during construction.
  • Options for interest-only stabilization period.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • In-house construction monitoring team for a quick turnaround on draw requests.
  • Experience in historic and low-income tax credit projects.
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Who Are We

Midland States Bank provides borrowing options for businesses of all sizes in Illinois and Missouri and beyond. Our financial consultants have experience in numerous industries and can help you determine if a line of credit is right for you. You can count on us for world-class financial services and a competitive line of credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

A commercial real estate loan can help your business to purchase property, expand operations, or renovate an existing property. Business real estate loans have competitive fixed or variable interest rate options along with the opportunity to refinance at a lower rate if the market changes at the end of the loan term.

A commercial real estate loan will ultimately strengthen your business by optimizing your cash management and revenue potential.

Your company can qualify by submitting an application that provides information like:

  • Your business's credit score.
  • Credit scores for any individuals on the loan.
  • Annual revenue.
  • Debt-to-revenue ratio.

You can apply quickly by submitting a single document for loans under $500,000. We provide quick decisions, often within 24 hours.

You can pay in person, via mail, or online using our website or mobile app.

You can use your commercial real estate loan to purchase or renovate a property. Most businesses use these loans to move into a new building, open a new branch or purchase a revenue-generating investment property.

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We're here to help online or in-person. Fill out the form below and a Midland States Bank representative will reach out to you shortly to better understand your company’s needs and find a personalized financing solution for you.


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