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Merchant Services

Merchant services make it possible to offer your customers additional methods of payment, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

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debit cards iconWant to process credit cards, debit cards, and other electronic or ACH payments?

Merchant services, also known as credit card processing or payment processing services, gives you the ability to take credit card, debit card, and electronic payments. With a merchant account, you can send customers through a secure payments gateway — and collect the funds you need.

Services Customized to Your Industry to Give You a Marketplace Advantage

Retail Processing

Give your customers convenient purchasing options with multiple ways to pay.

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Restaurant Processing 

Integrate with POS systems that can be simple or robust to meet your business needs.

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ECommerce Processing

Sell anywhere in the world with universal payment methods. Integrate our services with your online presence.

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Mobile Processing

Let customers pay with the tap of a button through their mobile phones.

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Capture as much funding as possible with a wide variety of payment options.

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Health Care and Veterinary Services

Use our payment processing to provide multiple processing options including recurring billing. Collect payment for services rendered in advance through complete merchant services.

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Let customers pay for everything from routine maintenance to large repairs.

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Flexible Point-of-Sale (POS) Solutions that Maximize Sales Opportunities & Increase Fraud Prevention

POS terminals

Tailored to the way you do business. Customize your point of sale options, manage multiple channels, and take credit, debit, and electronic payments from multiple vendors.



Wireless and mobile processing

Allows you to take your business on the road to increase sales. Engage in credit card processing and general payment processing wherever you are, with a tablet, phone, or other mobile device.



Petroleum programs

Accept corporate purchasing card transactions for the Voyager Card and Wright Express Card programs.

PIN pads

A cost-effective way for processing PIN debit/check cards while handling large-volume and small-ticket transactions.



Gift cards and loyalty programs

Drive traffic, gain new customers, increase sales and build brand awareness, keeping more money in your store.



Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card processing

Increase sales and revenue by accepting payment from individuals using EBT cards issued by government programs like Social Security, state-issued food stamps, Women/Infants/Children (WIC) and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).

eCommerce and gateways

Lets any business process card transactions in a secure online gateway. Integration to Quickbooks.



Electronic check processing

Reduce risk of fraud, ease the challenge of check acceptance, convert paper checks into an ACH transaction and deposit directly in your bank account. 



Supermarket incentive program

Benefit from special interchange rates for supermarkets. Incentivize customers to spend with more convenient, comprehensive payment processing.

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Midland States Bank is a registered Independent Sales Organization of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA.

handshake with papers behind it iconCustomer service you can trust.

Midland States Bank is more than just a bank — it's a part of the community. At Midland States Bank, you can trust that we will always do the best to serve you, your business, and your customers.

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variety of digital services iconA wide variety of equipment options.

At Midland States Bank, we offer POS terminals, wireless and mobile processing, PIN pads, gift cards, loyalty programs, and more. We have everything you need to grow your business.

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point of sale system iconEnjoy Transparent Pricing. 

Process transactions through a point-of-sale system, eCommerce payment gateway, or mobile device such as a phone or a tablet. We make it easy for you to do business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A merchant account is a credit card processing and payment processing account that makes it possible to process payments from credit cards, debit cards, and other electronic accounts.

To open a merchant account, contact Midland States Bank today and a team member will follow-up with you shortly.

No, though a merchant account will usually deposit money into a bank account. A merchant account is a third party payment processing service.

A payment provider is a company that provides payment processing services, while a payment gateway is the mechanism by which the company is able to do so.

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At Midland States Bank, we take pride in our ability to enrich the businesses in our community. Our talented financial professionals do their best to understand the unique needs of each client, pointing them to the financial solutions that are best for them. Our business and commercial banking division expertly handles loans and accounts of all sizes. As technology has advanced, so have our services and ability to provide businesses with the resources they need.

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Do you need to establish a merchant services account? Contact us at Midland States Bank today to find out more about our payment processing solutions.

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