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Accept All Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Other Electronic Payments

With a Midland States Bank merchant account, your business can open its doors to new customers by processing a broader range of payment types. Our team can provide you with a free review to help assess your processing needs, so you can begin providing a fast, secure payment gateway for your customers in no time!


Custom Merchant Services Available

Midland's merchant services for small businesses offers numerous tools that improve your customers' experiences:

  • E-commerce: Facilitate secure online transactions.
  • Mobile processing: Accept payments anywhere you go.
  • PIN pads: Process debit cards using an efficient system capable of handling your business's traffic.
  • POS terminals: Customize a point of sales interface that accepts your customers' preferred payment methods.
  • Electronic check processing: Boost customer convenience and mitigate fraud by converting paper checks into Automated Clearing House, or ACH, transactions that deposit into your account.
  • Gift cards and loyalty programs: Boost brand awareness and engagement while increasing sales.
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Versatile Sales Solutions for Small Businesses 

Merchant services allow businesses in all industries to capitalize on sales opportunities and create new ones. We provide flexible technology like POS terminals, e-commerce gateways, and mobile processing tools that empower you to offer competitive payment options. Your small business will obtain the agility needed to manage and satisfy any local or global customers.

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Reliable, Secure Payment Processing

Your customers trust that you offer smooth and secure payments. Our seamless technology facilitates universal payment processing while encrypting all sensitive information. Any time you need assistance, our representatives are available to help you so that you can better serve your customers.


Why Choose Midland States Bank?

Midland States Bank is committed to helping your small business grow by implementing powerful payment tools. We also aim to assist you by providing:

  • Dedicated commitment to your goals: Midland States Bank will treat your business like a part of our family — we want to see you succeed.
  • Dependable customer service: Our agents are always ready to help you provide reliable payment processing capabilities.
  • Flexible payment options: We ensure our processing system functions with the POS terminals, PIN pads, gift cards and mobile devices your customers prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

A merchant account is an account your business creates to accept electronic payment methods such as credit cards and debit cards.

Your small business can open a merchant account by scheduling a meeting with a Midland States Bank representative. To get started, contact us online today to receive a timely response from one of our agents.

A merchant account's sole purpose is to collect money and deposit it into a bank account as a third-party payment processor. A traditional business bank account offers two-way transactions.

A payment gateway is a tool that a payment provider uses to process customer payments.

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Midland States Bank's small business merchant services will empower you to succeed in the evolving marketplace. You can contact us online to hear from a representative.

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