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Access cash when you need it and only pay back with interest the amount you use.

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Flexible, Revolving Funds That Grow With You

A line of credit let's you access a defined amount of money as needed and repay back what you use with interest either immediately or over a set period of time. Unlike a loan where you have a one-time lump sum of credit, a line of credit gives you access to funds up to a certain amount - similar to a credit card.

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Secured Line of Credit Details

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Loan Terms

Up to 12 Months

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Fixed Rate

Easy Budgeting

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Loan Amount

Up to $250,000

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As a small business owner, you understand how valuable extra cash can be. With more capital available, your business can meet its everyday needs and find opportunities to expand. A small business line of credit can empower you to raise capital with minimal debt. Small business lines of credit provide access to a revolving capital pool that reaches up to a predetermined limit. Upon approval, you'll spend as much as you need toward any expense you need to cover.

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small business line of credit iconAccess a Revolving Line of Credit

You can replenish your credit limit by making monthly payments. Your balance and interest only build on the amount you spend, unlike other loans that provide a lump-sum upfront. While the line of credit is active, you have continuous and repeated access to the funds making it a flexible option for small business owners and startups.

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illinois and missouri with location marker on itEligibility Requirements

  • The business must be located in or headquartered in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Wisconsin, or Iowa.

  • The company must be registered with the Secretary of State in good standing. However, this is not required for sole proprietors.

  • Financing amount must be under $250,000.


Looking for financing over $250,000?

Our commercial team is ready to find the financing solution for you.

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Why Partner With Us?

Midland States Bank is a financial institution with offices in Illinois and Missouri. We're a regional, customer-focused bank who caters to local businesses. We connect new businesses with lines of credit that help them achieve their goals. Partner with us for competitive interest rates, a generous limit and additional financial services that will help you maximize your line of credit's value. We’re detailed and transparent through every step of the financing process so you can experience a smooth and quick transaction.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Your monthly payment will depend on the terms of your line of credit approval. We offer interest-only payment options during your draw period. Interest and principal are both due after the draw period.

Our competitive interest rates and minimum monthly payments are subject to change. Contact a representative to discuss how factors like the term, your credit history and your credit limit will impact your rate.

With a small business line of credit from Midland States Bank, you'll have up to $250,000 available for your short-term needs. Use your line of credit to purchase supplies, materials, or products so you can take on larger contracts and free up cash for the rest of your business operations. A line of credit also helps provide funding as you wait to get paid for outstanding work or products sold. The monthly payments are manageable - you can hold off on the principal by paying your interest exclusively. 

If you're considering a small business line of credit in Missouri or Illinois, Midland States Bank is the financial institution you can trust. We offer:

  • Small business financing expertise
  • A quick online application process
  • Speedy credit approval
  • Interest-only payment options
  • Automatic payments
  • Low-interest lines of credit
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