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Midland States Bank (“Midland”) recently learned about a data security incident involving five (5) of its ATM locations that may have impacted the personal information of a limited number of individuals. The security of personal information is very important to us, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

What Happened?

In September 2023, Midland noticed unusual activity associated with some of our bank customers. We immediately launched an investigation and found that five (5) of our ATM locations had electronic skimming devices installed on them by unauthorized actors attempting to steal card information. These ATMs were found in Kankakee County at our Bourbonnais, Latham St., Beecher, Kankakee, and Manteno locations. Our investigation found that these skimmers were in place at various times for ten (10) days from September 5 to September 15. No other systems within Midland States Bank were impacted as a result of this incident. 


What Information Was Involved?

From the review, it appears that individuals’ names, card numbers, and the associated access pin numbers may have been affected.

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What We Are Doing:

Immediately after discovering unusual activity associated with some of its customers, Midland launched its incident response procedures and began an investigation. The investigation included an examination of ATMs and found evidence of electronic skimmer devices having been deployed on five (5) ATM locations. Midland then investigated who and what information may have been impacted by this incident.


Potentially impacted Midland customers were issued new debit cards. We also reviewed and updated our current ATM audit and investigation procedures. In addition to new cards, letters have been mailed to those customers which contain more information about the incident as well as instructions for enrolling in credit monitoring and identity protection services through Cyberscout.


  • Midland customers who were already advised of this incident should reference the letters they have already received, there has not been an additional incident.
  • Non-Midland customers who may have used the referenced ATMs during the impacted timeframe can request identity theft protection services by using the information contained on this webpage. 

What You Can Do:

Remain vigilant against incidents of identity theft by reviewing bank accounts and other financial statements. Potentially impacted individuals should review credit reports, bank account and other financial statements, and immediately contact their financial institution if they identify suspicious activity.


Midland is offering credit monitoring and identity theft protection services through Cyberscout. Cyberscout can be contacted at 1-800-405-6108, Monday through Friday 7 am to 7 pm CST for further information and enrollment in these services.



For More Information:

For questions related to Credit Monitoring services, please call Cyberscout at 1-800-405-6108, Monday through Friday 7 am to 7 pm CST.


Protecting personal information is important to Midland, and we sincerely apologize for any concern this incident may cause.


Posted: January 8, 2024